Factors of Success

Only selected athletes with the best prospects in the hard ice hockey business get the unique chance to train as ice hockey pros in Zug at The Hockey Academy. Various selection criteria apply here. In principle, however, all young players in the sporting field are supported equally and receive professional support on their way to becoming a NL professional, as everyone can participate in the same training and benefit from the same coaches. 

Athletes from The Hockey Academy benefit from unique success factors:

  • Flexible, holistic training
  • The best trainers and specialists
  • Ideal training infrastructure
  • Playing practice with embedding in the competition system
  • Solid professional foundation

All are Winners!

The first specific training as a hockey professional is based on a unique "all-in-one" model and offers a real alternative to emigration to foreign junior leagues.

"The Hockey Academy" brings benefit and profit for everyone: 

  • For the athlete on his way to becoming a professional hockey player who lays a professional foundation for the time after his career.
  • For the family, which is relieved in all respects by an all-round supply of the player at his training centre.
  • For the EVZ, which opens up a source of promising young players for its fanion team.
  • For the other regular clubs of players who receive a "return on investment" for their own fanion team with training units and know-how from the "Hockey Academy" or a fully trained elite player.
  • Last but not least, the entire national ice hockey team and the Swiss national team benefit from top-trained junior staff who are also convincing at an international level.